Year at a Glance

Annual Report

August 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021

This section provides an overview of significant events and data points for the CCTS in 2020-21.

By the numbers

Successful resolutions

88% of concluded complaints were successfully resolved.

Complaints up

We experienced an increase in complaints of 9% compared to last year.

Top issues

While billing problems were the number one issue for wireless, TV and phone customers, service delivery problems were the top issue for internet customers.

Industry-wide participation

405 brands operated by 295 service providers participate in the CCTS.

Performance levels

210 brands had ZERO complaints. Another 109 had 3 or less.

Investigations required

23% of concluded complaints required an investigation.

Total issues

42,254 issues were raised in 17,506 concluded complaints.

Complaints distribution

83% of complaints were filed against 10 service providers.

Key events

  • First full year of CCTS administering the Internet Code, which applies to Canada’s largest internet providers
  • Published Annotated Guide to the CCTS Procedural Code, a document to help stakeholders understand how the CCTS interprets and applies the CCTS Procedural Code
  • Began stakeholder consultations related to independent review of CCTS’ operations and service delivery
  • Conducted a Public Awareness Survey through a partnership with EKOS
  • Welcomed 27 new service providers to the CCTS
  • Terminated participation of SkyChoice Communications Inc. for non-compliance
  • Terminated participation of three service providers no longer in business (Roam Mobility, Cinco Networks and Suntel Networks Communications Ltd.)
  • Monitored CRTC proceeding on device financing plans and implemented tracking of complaints about device financing plan issues, as requested by the CRTC