Chair’s Message

Annual Report

August 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that effective and reliable communications services are crucial to Canadians. This adds emphasis to our commitment to continue providing outstanding dispute resolution services to Canadians.

To support our strategic priorities and ensure our continued leadership in delivering the best possible service to consumers and service providers, the CCTS conducted a detailed examination of its service delivery model. We brought in the respected consulting firm cameron.ralph.khoury (CRK) to conduct an independent review of our operations. In August of 2020, CRK provided its report to the CCTS Board of Directors.

The Board has reviewed the report and established a Service Delivery Working Group to study and assess CRK’s recommendations in collaboration with management. This work represents the most significant modernization project in the history of the organization. Innovations in both technology and processes are expected following a series of consultations with stakeholders over the next 12 to 18 months.

Along with this ongoing work, 2020-21 marked the first full year that the CCTS administered the Internet Code of Conduct at the request of the CRTC. The CCTS also monitored the CRTC proceeding on wireless device financing plans and, at the request of the CRTC in March of 2021, agreed to track complaints related to wireless device financing plans. This data will provide the CRTC with necessary information to decide if further action is needed. We continue to monitor other ongoing CRTC proceedings that may impact the CCTS, including proceedings about the provision of paper bills by service providers and regulations to be made under the Accessible Canada Act.

The ongoing pandemic continued to challenge everyone, including the CCTS. The safe work-from-home environment continued, as did the flexibility and commitment of everyone in the organization. I join the Board in thanking the Commissioner, Howard Maker, and all of the CCTS team for their dedication and hard work in trying times. I am confident that these attributes will enable the CCTS to continue to help telecom and TV service providers and their customers to resolve their disputes efficiently and effectively.

Catherine Aczel Boivie
Chair of the Board, CCTS