Year at a Glance

Annual Report

August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020

This section provides an overview of significant numbers and events for the CCTS in 2019-20.

By the numbers

Successful resolutions

89% of concluded complaints were successfully resolved.

Complaints down

We experienced a reduction in complaints of 19% compared to last year.

Common issue

Billing problems were the number one issue for wireless, internet, TV and phone customers.

Performance levels

202 service providers had ZERO complaints. Another 109 had 3 or less.

Industry-wide participation

400 brands operated by 285 service providers are members of the CCTS.

Investigations required

27% of concluded complaints required an investigation.

Total issues

42,913 issues were raised from 15,868 concluded complaints.

Complaints distribution

57% of complaints were filed against 5 service providers.

Key events

  • Began administrating the new CRTC Internet Code, which applies to Canada’s largest internet providers
  • Provided input to CRTC Review of Mobile Wireless Services proceeding regarding pricing of low-cost mobile wireless plans
  • Terminated participation of two service providers no longer in business
  • Retained consulting firm cameron.ralph.khoury (CRK) to conduct full review of CCTS operations
  • Canadian consumer groups elected Catherine Middleton (Professor, Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management) and Geneviève Saumier (Professor, McGill University, Faculty of Law) as their representatives on the CCTS Board of Directors; they will assume their roles in October of 2020