Who We Are and What We Do

Annual Report

August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020

Our mandate

The CCTS is Canada’s national and independent organization dedicated to resolving customer complaints about telecommunications and television services. We work with consumers, small businesses and participating Canadian service providers to resolve disputes about most telecom and subscription TV services after direct communications between a customer and a service provider have proven ineffective.

We can help with most types of problems between a customer and service provider, including disputes about contracts, billing, service delivery and credit management.

For full details, see our Mandate web page.

For an overview of who we are and what we do, watch the video below.

Services in our mandate: 1. Internet 2. Wireless, including voice, data and text 3. TV, for residential customers only 4. Phone, for home and small business, including long distance, white page directories, directory assistance and operator services

“The issue was resolved by my provider once the CCTS got involved.”

Our complaints process

We regularly examine our complaint-handling process to ensure that it is thorough, fair, effective and efficient. The steps in the process are:

Our complaint process: Step 1, assessment Step 2, complaint accepted, or out of mandate Step 3, informal resolution Step 4, investigation Step 5, resolved, recommendation or closed Step 6, Decision

For an overview of our complaint resolution process, watch the video below.

For a detailed explanation of the steps in the process, see our Complaints process explained web page.