Chair’s Message

Annual Report

August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020

Last year we released a new strategic plan for 2019-2022 to meet the CCTS goals of providing better quality service to our stakeholders while creating a more effective, efficient, transparent and accessible organization.

To support our strategic priorities, we are now conducting a detailed examination of our service delivery model to ensure our continued leadership in delivering the best possible service to customers and service providers.

We have retained a world-renowned consulting firm, cameron.ralph.khoury (CRK), to conduct the review of our operations. CRK brings extensive experience working with other dispute resolution organizations worldwide. After examining our service delivery processes as well as tools, CRK provided a report to the Board in August of 2020. We are reviewing their advice and recommendations.

In our expanding support of Canadian telecom and TV consumers, the CCTS began to administer the new CRTC Internet Code of Conduct in January of 2020. At the request of the CRTC, we also provided input to the CRTC Review of Mobile Wireless Services proceeding, informing the regulator that imposing aspects of proposed low-cost wireless plans would not prohibit us from accepting complaints about aspects of those plans. We continue to monitor other ongoing CRTC proceedings that may impact the CCTS, including proceedings about device financing plans, the provision of paper bills by communications service providers, and regulations to be made under the Accessible Canada Act.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the CCTS, just as it did everyone else. The quick and effective transition to a safe work-from-home environment by CCTS management showed not only that the processes in place work but also the flexibility that allowed the quick implementation. The Board acknowledges and appreciates all the work that resulted in this successful undertaking.

As we move forward, there are upcoming changes to our Board. Two of our seven Board seats are reserved for representatives elected by Canadian consumer groups. The two current consumer group representatives will retire from the Board in October of 2020. I want to thank Jacques C. P. Bellemare and Marina Pavlović for their dedicated service of over six years. I also want to welcome the two newly elected directors, Geneviève Saumier and Catherine Middleton, who will assume their duties in October.

This year, more than ever before, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the Commissioner, Howard Maker, and all the CCTS team for their dedication and hard work. 2019-2020 has been a year like no other, and they have risen to the challenge brilliantly. With their ongoing efforts in changing times, I am confident that the CCTS will continue to help telecom and TV service providers meet the communications needs of Canadian consumers.

Catherine Aczel Boivie
Chair of the Board, CCTS