Chair’s Message

Annual Report

August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019

Last year I described the process we had begun to develop a new strategic plan to guide the future of the CCTS. In 2018-19 we were able to complete this work, and we have publicly released the strategic priorities that we have identified as the focus for the CCTS over the next four years. I am pleased to report that work on all of these priorities is already underway.

In 2018-19 a major CCTS initiative was the development of a new strategic plan. We followed a rigorous process to critically evaluate our organization so we could understand the opportunities and challenges facing the CCTS—and provide better quality service to our stakeholders while creating a more effective, efficient, transparent and accessible organization. To support these goals, our three strategic priorities for 2019-2022 are to:

  • deliver efficient, effective and transparent service to customers and service providers;
  • strengthen our organizational capacity, structure and resilience; and
  • build a deeper value-added relationship with our stakeholders.

To support these priorities, we intend to conduct a detailed examination of our service delivery model, both the processes and the tools, to ensure that we remain a leader in delivering the best possible service to customers and service providers. We are pleased to have an independent third-party review our operations, and we look forward to the opportunities this review may identify. We have also hired senior resources and revised our organizational structure to share leadership among them so that we can bring the necessary experience to all aspects of our operations.

The success of the planning process was the result of a tremendous effort by the Board and the CCTS staff, working in the cooperative manner that has become the hallmark of our governance of the CCTS.

Although resolving consumer complaints is at the core of what we do, since its inception the CCTS has accepted the mandate of bringing to the attention of the industry and the CRTC those gaps in consumer protection that we identify when we investigate complaints. This role continued in 2018-19, with our involvement in the CRTC proceeding that informed the establishment of the new Internet Code, which the CCTS will begin to administer in January of 2020. We also participated in CRTC hearings on sales practices of large telecom service providers, which resulted in a CRTC report on misleading and aggressive sales practices.

In October of 2018, Bram Abramson, one of our industry directors, retired from the Board. I would like to thank him for his dedication and contribution to the organization. In his place, we welcomed Geoff Batstone as the newest member of the Board.

Finally, I want to offer a word of sincere thanks to the Commissioner, Howard Maker, as well as the entire CCTS team for their tireless efforts to ensure that the CCTS continues to provide appropriate guidance to Canada’s telecom and TV service providers to help them meet the communications needs of Canadian consumers.

Catherine Aczel Boivie
Chair of the Board, CCTS